Cancer research is fascinating as our daily job is to understand and (try to) outsmart evolution. Cancer cells recapitulate the evolution of species where tumor cells outcompete healthy cells and develop mechanisms of resistance to clinical treatments. In addition to the privilege of working in such a stimulating subject, the fact that cancer is a devastating disease for patients and their families constitutes an infinite source of motivation.

Our group combines expertise in immunology and genetics with the aim of developing innovative therapies that are focused on stimulating a patient’s immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells.

I try to cultivate a positive working environment where students and colleagues are stimulated by their curiosity. Increasing our current knowledge on the biology of cancer and support the development of innovative therapies are our main goals. Since spending most of the day at the lab is inevitable as a scientist, the working environment should nurture wellbeing and camaraderie. After more than 10 years as a researcher it is still a pleasure  to wake up and go to work every day.

Our group is located at the department of Pathology of the Leiden University Medical Center. The group is currently composed of about 10 people with a constant flow of students that join us to perform traineeships. Check our News and current Members.